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University of Toronto St. George
Paul Thompson

th15 Sept 11History of China HIS280Texts for this term Open Empire and Chinese Civilization Not using the search for modern china till term twoGoals of this course1Learn stuff2Learn how ideas of and approaches to Chinese history have changed over the long and short terms3To practice reading documents in order to learn how to approach the past criticallywwwarchchinesechinesepinyinhtmlfor proper pronounciationLectureChina Today the peoples republic of chinaMap on first slide is not the same beforelook at slidesTechnically before 1911 there was no country called China It was called different dynasties The areas were subject to changing rules over the centuriesStates dont have clearly defined borders They had centres areas of stable control around them but no clear distinction between states The boundaries shifted a lot over time We can only approximate their areas of controlPrehistoryThese two types of sources tell very different stories of the history of China there is thno archaeology before the 20 century therefore sometimes the 2 evidences dont match up We must make a distinction and how scientific and solid objects or evidence tell us about prehistoric china and what people think happenedth1Archaeology 20 Ca Clay and bronze vesselsB Oracle bonesc Excavation of sites cities graves etc2The textual traditionaSima QianbOther textual sources
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