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Paul Thompson

thHIS280Leccture 3 29 sept 11 PreQin Philosophy SlidesThe emergence of thinking in ancient china Social and political causes for the development of philosophy Confucianism Daoism and Legalism as historical categories Confucianism Daoism Legalism Idea of the openness of thinking during this period The possibility of thinkingPhilosophy in ancient Greece and thinkers of ancient china kind of coincide in the periods of historyeg Pythagoras and Confucius were alive at the same time The eastern zhou 771256BCE and the beginnings of chinese philosophy SlidesConfucius was keenly aware of the political happenings around him in the period Dissolutions the states all in competition around himIn eastern zhou when many feudal societies were becoming state Many people started to become powerful aka great ministerial families Dukes were only heads but held no real powerMore and more of old aristocracy were loosing privileges and power therefore increasingly there were many people that were symbolic heads but held no say and there were more and more educated low nobles than jobs were them to do Therefore started a competition in thought Competition between groups of people called Shibasically selling their expertise on a market of expertise The buyers are the rulers of these states and also some of the rich that had money to spend Eg noble manners Kind of like previous knights in service that eventually became demilitarized but retained this military value that a life that is well lived is a life that is lived to service some noble lordLiteracy cannot be controlled in the means and ways of how it spreads Education can be beneficial but gives them a sense of powerIntellectuals philosophers came about
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