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Forcing a Bureaucratic Empire

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Scott Relyea

October 7 Forging a bureaucratic empire An army of 8,000 Tarakota warriors were found under the tomb in battle formation The starchart of the heavens was said to be made inside the ceiling of tomb Although his tomb is not the only one, it is definitely one of the most magnificent Dujianyan Was created 35 years before the unification It was a marvel of technology at the time, the simplicity of this design is what makes it so unique Was originally made for two purposes: - To prevent flooding of the rivers - Also done to dramatically increase the amount of grain production to feed the army To accomplish both tasks, an artificial island made of rocks was created in the centre of the river to further divideguide the flow of water - There still exists subsidiary streams of water which lead into this one During floods, the flying dike would prevent the fields of crop from damage by catching all the extra amounts of water which would eventually be led back to the mainstream The constructio
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