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Paul Thompson

ndHIS280 The Republican Period 19111949 March 22 2012 OutlineSummarizing the end of the Qing dynastyThe early Republic 19121916The Warlord Era 19161927 or 1937 o Reasons for the collapse of the Republic o The creation of the Communist Party of China o The First United Front 19241927The Nationalist Decade 19271937The AntiJapanese War and the Second United FrontThe civil war and Communist victory in 1949 Summarizing Last weekFiscal and military decentralization after the Taiping Rebellion and its ramifications o Less and less of the money of the Empire was being channelled to the central stateThe emergence of new networks of power linking the coastal cities to the global economy and global society o As a result of the rebellions and stuff it made sense for those who could afford it to move to the coastal cities taking their money with themProvincialization of elite networks in the interior o Those who remained in the countryside organize their power around the Provincial level and the provincial assemblies that are created by Cixi formalize this process o So less and less power is being organized around the centre as it instead organizes around these provincial and coastal elitesNew coreperiphery relations drain of capital and resources away from rural areas to support the cities without the equalizing and redistributive practices of the Qing state o Emergence of a new predatory set of relations between the cities and the country sie which emerge at the same time that the Qing state is less able to combat these predatory relations because it needs to extract as much revenue as possible to pay the reparations o The state now increasingly focuses on those areas that can generate revenue and largely abandon those areas that cant contribute to these needsThe end of the civil examination system and the emergence of the press ththo It became clear in the late 19 and early 20 century that the kind of knowledge you learned from the examination system wasnt the kind of information you needed to operate a modern capitalist system o In its place emerge new style schools and the press The imperial level of overall organization disintegrates and the nation emerges as the best candidate to replace it o This is why 1911 marked the end of the imperial period
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