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thHIS280 China and the World Around 1800 February 16 2012 Requirements for the Term Paper810 pagesAt least four secondary sourcesMajor journals for the history of China available through UofT Library website eJournals o Toung Pao o Journal of Asian Studies o Late Imperial China o Ming Studies o Nan mu o Modern ChinaLecture OutlineFinishing up the High Qing period the granary systemThe Macartney Embassy 1793 the Heshen Affair 17961799 and the White Lotus Rebellion 17961804The emergence of a properly capitalist worldeconomy and what that means o The British in America and Bengal o Comparative colonialism and imperialism againThe decline of China and the ascent of Europe o The opium trade o The Canton System o The leadup to the opium wars 183942 185660 The Qing Granary System 16501850The High Qing period is both a culminationcontinuation of longterm trends in Chinese history and also an instance of new trends and developmentsSchematically speaking the Kangxi emperor tried to organize his policies around the interests of the gentry tax remissions etcThe Yongzheng emperor took a number of steps to centralize administration and finance sometimes at the expense of the gentryQianlong seeks to try to steer a middle ground moving back towards a kind of accommodating stance toward the gentry while still maintaining the centralized administration put in place by his fatherOscillation between imperial dynasty and the elitesDynasties have instituted public help institutions dates back to the Western HanThe question of how involved the imperial state should be in storing grain for the masses has been a fundamental part of Chinese political thought for centuries
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