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Ancient India: Indus Valley, "Aryan" Migration, and Vedic Culture

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University of Toronto St. George
Ritu Birla

Lecture #3: His282h1 Ended last class by discussing the ways India has been posed in western writing The question about the far past of India: THEMES: what is the evidence of ancient India? In the 19 and 20 century, there is a shift in the facts of the ancient past Late 18 century, most understandings came through translations of Sanskrit text Sanskrit was the language of the Brahman Ask the foundations of understanding: Braminical view of India th In the 19 century, we begin to see archeological evidence. They begin to find evidence of urban culture that goes well before all the Sanskrit text Hegel and Mill basing their understanding on India on textual evidence from European translation of Vedic text Veda culture appt. 1500 BCE People who come to India from the west in second millennium BC Basis of the idea “what is called the Aryan conquest” There is no indigenous civilization; the first structured civilization came to the subcontinent Dravidian text The term Arya means noble in Sanskrit Dasa is the opposite of Arya Arya a linguistic grou
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