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Melanie Newton

1HIS 294Y CARIBBEAN HISTORY AND CULTUREINDIGENOUS ERA TO EMANCIPATION20122013COURSE SYLLABUS Location and time T10am12pm SS1083Instructors Professor Melanie J Newton and Jared Toney PhD Candidate Department of HistoryContact information melanienewtonutorontoca 4169784054 andjaredtoneyutorontocaOffice hours Jared Tuesdays 121 in Sid Smith rm 3081 Prof Newton Wednesdays 1012 first semesterOffice location New College Wilson Hall 20 Willcocks St Rm 2019 TAs Jared Toney jaredtoneyutorontoca and Elizabeth Leeelizabethrleeutorontoca COURSE DESCRIPTIONThis course is a survey of the history of the Caribbean region from the first preColumbian migrations beginning around 6000 BC to the final abolition of slavery in Cuba in 1886 and the second Cuban war of independence in 1895 It places the Caribbean within the wider international context of European imperial expansion and the emergence of the Atlantic World while also examining changing social and cultural relations and economic conditions within Caribbean societies Students are introduced to key historiographical debates and trends in the field Topics covered include society politics and culture of the indigenous Caribbean European trade and settlement indigenous responses and resistance to conquest variations in politics and culture between empires in the Caribbean the transatlantic slave trade creolization plantation slavery and slave society the politics and culture of the enslaved the Haitian Revolution agriculture and society beyond the plantation and slave emancipationREQUIRED READINGS1 Samuel M Wilson ed The Indigenous People of the Caribbean Florida University Press of Florida 19972 Laurent Dubois and John D Garrigus eds Slave Revolution in the Caribbean A Brief History with Documents New York Palgrave MacMillan 20063 HIS294Y Course Reader all readings marked with anon this syllabus are in the course reader4 EITHERBartolom de las Casas Nigel Griffin ed A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies London Penguin Books 19922OR Aphra Behn Oroonoko or the Royal Slave link to text available via BlackboardLas Casas5 EITHERCirilio Villaverde Cecilia Valds or el Angel Hill a Novel of NineteenthCentury Cuba New York Oxford University Press 2005 Text will soon be available for purchaseOREdward Jenkins Lutchmee and Dilloo A Study of West Indian Life Link to text available via BlackboardStrongly recommended background reading throughout the yearBW Higman A Concise History of the Caribbean Cambridge and New York Cambridge University Press 2011Access to the Course Reader will be provided in the first week of class De Las Casas Dubois and Garrigus and Villaverde arewill shortly be available for purchase from the Bob Miller Book Room 180 Bloor St W tel 4169223557 will be made available to students in due courseGRADE REQUIREMENTS AND ASSIGNMENTSThis section of the syllabus explains what assignments students are expected to complete during the course of the year when assignments are due how these assignments should be completed the method of submission for each assignment and how much each assignment counts towards the final grade More detailed information about written assignments will be provided in the weeks before the final due dateDeadlines We will make every effort to accommodate students who are in genuine need of an extension for an assignment However teaching assistants will not grant extensions unless they feel strongly that the circumstances warrant such consideration Students may only submit assignments via email if the TA or the professor has agreed to accept it Work handed in after the deadline without prior arrangement having been made with either Prof Newton or your TA will receive a 0 Summary and Details of Course Requirementsst1 1 Book Report 46 pages102 Reflections on the assigned readings103 Inclass analyses10nd4 2 Book Report 68 pages155 Tutorial presentation106 Term paper337 Attendance and Participation12st1 1 Book Report 46 pages on An Short Account or OroonokoDescription Students much write a short book report on either Bartolom de las Casas
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