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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 Week 5

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS309European ReformationLecture 10Week 5thOctober 13 20111004oExile CitiesoSalonikaGrows due to the exile of the Jews from SpainThese Jews head to Venice Portugal Istanbul and SalonikaoGenevaA lot of protestants will go hereThey come from France England and GermanyoAmsterdamLots of Jews from Portugal England and BelgiumoSalonikaoCourted by Beyazid IIPromises them economic benefit and protectionJewish merchants will be allowed trade further into the Middle East as well as VeniceDuring the Spanish exile roughly 20k Jews head to SalonikaSalonikas population was previously 30k Salonika was previously heavily Greek and MuslimThe Jews live in the lower town by the portcommercial districtWhen new populations come in the different ethnic groups tend to stick together in vertical sectors of the cityThe Jews are given a lot of autonomy allowed to form their own internal governmentThe synagogue in Salonika becomes very importantThe Ottomans allow the synagogue to hold the power rather than how the Italians had signed contracts with the Jews which gave the merchants the upper handSome Jews are asked to convert but the majority dont and this is what leads to the vertical ethnic sectors
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