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Robert Bothwell

HIS311Y Lecture Jan 8th 1/8/2013 12:09:00 PM 1945 Mackenzie King wrote in his diary  all the leaders who had gone to war in 1939, he was only one staying in function  rise of communism, Marxism, etc Question of Revolution in western culture  Largely associated with France (French Revolution)  Random and Extreme use of force  If you want revolution then you would try to create a situation without rule of law  Napoleon the 3rd…  In 1871 forces of French republic recaptured Paris and shot many communists. o Didn’t have impact in Canada but in Europe. In Lenin’s view, Revolution had to go extreme  Goal: Social commonwealth, etc, very idealistic  But it is always connected to the idea of terror and violence  In late 19th century, there was various political movement over the world o Socialists believed they could achieve power by democratic means.  Universal suffrage had come into being in European countries . o Socialist international  Confederation of socialist parties  Sharing working class views The socialists joined war effort.  Socialism now perceived as national movement  Some of the left wing avoid support of the war by bourgeoise  Russia was convulsed by mass violence [BOLESHEVIK MOVEMENT] Communist Government in Moscow!  Bolsheviks created communist international o Starting to influence Canada American Labor Movement  Very radical  Started by ill-treated workers During WWI, Borden had no idea of running the country  Inflation, etc.  By 1917-8 we get a lot of strikes including Winnipeg general strike  Idea of working together to establish socialist paradise  Many thought it was feasible because Russians had done it.  Government of Ottawa was incline like in Washington o Consulting Proto-revolutionary situation Ill-treated labors mostly comprised of immigrants First Canadian Stalin = Tim Buck  CPC (Canadian Communist Party)  Confederation of Communist Party was formed  They take on board violence which took place in Russia  Munich, Budapest, etc. movements were put down due to extreme violence. Hitler called “Jewish-Communist connections” In Canada, the fiercest opponen
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