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Robert Bothwell

HIS311Y Lecture Jan 10 - NATO th 1/10/2013 12:13:00 PM End of war spring of 1945  Strategic situation turned different from that of 1939  Germany now disappeared and its economy had been wrecked.  Instead of Germany now we have Soviet Union Canada did have relation with USSR  Soviet Embassy was to funnel Canadian aids to Moscow  Canada sent Dana Wilgress to Soviet o He spoke Russian and lived in Siberia for a while married Russian  Western diplomats in Moscow was relatively isolated o Western communities would talk to each other Wilgress wrote an essay for Ottawa  N. Robertson thinks this is so important that he has a summary made for the PM Mackenzie King o About 2 pages long  Soviet democracy is not same as Canadian democracy o On surface it looks like democracy  They have election, constitution, etc o Only one party  99.99% supports the communist party  Oligarchy o It seems revolutionary  But conservative to secure their privileges Soviet occupied Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czecho Slovakia, and other central Europe, berlin  These places hwv had higher standard
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