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NO COMMITMENTSCANADIAN DIPLOMACY 19191930 NTRODUCTIONI1920s is a lot less dramatic then the 1910s Intent of the Prime Minster King to practice no commitmentsto keep canada out of world affairs because of the War Doesnt want to see anything like the War happen againBelieves this is the most sensible commitment for Canada Base of support comes from Quebecthe most isolationist of all the provinces King still makes some stride in Canadian foreign policy in the form of Canadian independence King was the longest serving Prime Minster CANADA AT THE PARIS PEACE CONFERENCE 1919Big Three France Great Britain and United States Redrew the map of the world particularly central Europeto ensure a lasting peace The conference was awedexcluded Germany and RussiaGermans signed armistice they believed it was a tie but the truth was they had lostnot invited because it lostRussia was not invited because it had become a communist state Poland was recreated Czechoslovakia was created German territories were given to other nations Issue 1 Wilsons selfdeterminationpeople should have the power to create their own state but there was no homogeny Issue 2 What to do with GermanyEntente powers wanted to punish Germanybut how severely Reparations was very importantthe entente wanted to be compensated for its loss Germany was treated harshlyarmed forces reduced no Submarines or tanks The idea was that it should not be able to take on an offensive attackGermany was wholly blamed for the warkind of Created resentment in Germany but had not fully destroyed Germanythe Stab in the Back theoryCanada was there as a representative of Canada one of the British dominions but all the dominions were given one seat Borden was furiousthe dominions had lost more men then Great Britain Borden insisted on seats for each of the dominions In the end Canada got two seats but some of the other dominions got fewer Borden played a signicant role in the conference Because he was a lawyer he was counted on by the British to give sage advice The greatest issue at the Conference was Wilsons creation of a League of Nations Wilson believed that the War was born out of secret alliances that wished to manipulate the world
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