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May 21Birth of a Dominion Canada and the World 18121867Lower CanadaFrenchUpper CanadaBritish Late LoyalistsReasons for the War of 1812Americans thought that Canada was a pretty easy target in 1812AngloAmerican tensionsa lot of tension between americans and Britishpluck the eagles bald feathers attack the Americans from Britishkill the tigers attack on the British from AmericansManifest Destinythe idea that Americans have the godgiven right to take over the North American continent they have the libertyWas Canada an easy target Apparently not If the Americans had actually tried instead of being halfhearted in taking over they wouldve done so successfully However it showed how robust the BritishCanadian side wasWar of 1812Isaac Brockserved in British Army in Europe West Indiesarrived in Canada 1802promoted to MajorGeneral in 1811 responsible for defense of Upper Canadaa bold and aggressive strategisthe organized the defense of Canada and successfully rallied the people by taking a very aggressive strategy against the Americans pretty much singlehandedly generated a movementrally of the peopleTecumsehShawnee chief born near Springfield OhioWith brother The Prophet led aboriginal struggle for independent native confederacyLongtime enemy of USA feared by AmericansAn essential ally of Brock continued to fight after Brock died in the fall of 18121812Advantage Upper CanadaBrocks strategy to go on the attack instead of create defensive displacementsSend a message by taking over MichilimackinacFollowed by an attack at Bluff at Fort Detroit marched with British soldiersred coats several hundred militia men and several hundred of Tecumsehs menAmericans had the numerical advantage 21
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