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thHIS311Thursday January 26 2012The Demented Decade The nuclear arms raceBy 1949 the soviets had developed the atomic bomb and thus both sides had nuclear capabilitiesHydrogen bombs and ICBMs o In 1952 the US developed the hydrogen bomb and a year later the Soviets developed their own o Over the course of the 1950s there was a steadily escalating series of nuclear tests o Another development was the ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile and it made the world much smaller o It could be launched from the US to the USSR and vice versaThe Americans perceived there was a missile gap The space raceRace to get functioning satellites up in space and then the race to reach the moon and then finally to get human beings to the moonSputnik 1957 o Russians won the first part of the race first satellite o Panic in North America fear that they were falling behind Berlin Wall 1961As a consequence of defections from East Berlin to the democratic West Berlin the Communist government erected a wall Cuban Missile Crisis 1962Closest that both sides came to actually launching a nuclear attackThe ChiefJohn G DiefenbakerDefense lawyer from SaskatchewanProgressive Conservative leader 195657Prime Minister of Canada 195763Diefenbaker was a mesmerizing public speakerIn 1957 he won a minority government and in 1958 he won the biggest majority in Canadian historyHe held the idea of uniting all Canadians around One Canada Canadians without hyphensIntroduced the Bill of Rights in 1960 gave Aboriginals the vote etc
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