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Chris Pennington

thHIS311 New CommitmentsCanada and the Cold War Tuesday January 17 2012194550 194757 often referred to as the golden age of Canadian foreign policy and was the period in which Canada mattered most on the international stage Though Canada did not play a very large diplomatic role in the war Canada did much more than expectedPeriod in which Canadian foreign policy makers were open to making new commitments The golden age is also very much associated with the Liberal partyIn 1935 the Liberal party set out on a path of unprecedented electoral success and between 1935 to 1984 the Liberals were in office for about 44 years and never were they at a greater height than in the late 40s and early 50sThe Cold War Looms 1945 Trumans Atomic DiplomacyTruman succeeds RooseveltWhen Truman took office in April of 1945 the US position towards the Soviet Union became less accommodating less trusting and less open Truman would use atomic diplomacy a newfound sense of power because they had the atomic bombAll this did was push the Soviets to develop their own atomic capabilitiesStalins Iron CurtainBy the spring of 1946 it was evident that the states of eastern Europe had fallen behind and Iron Curtain led by Stalin while those on the west were led by the US Failure to control the atomic bombThe Cold War Takes Shape 194548 Churchills Iron Curtain Speech March 1946 Truman Doctrine March 1947Truman went before Congress to request funding to assist Greece and Turkey who were being harassed by the Soviets at the timeIn justifying this request Truman said that it should be the mission of the US to defend free peoples everywhere when there is a foreign power seeking to oppress that stateThe Truman Doctrine as it came to be known a declaration by the US to protect free peoples everywhere had huge implicationsIt pulled the US out of the old isolationist thinking that had dominated its foreign policy in the past
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