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Lecture 7

Lecture 7,8

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Ian Radforth

th October 12 Lecture Lecture 7: Colonizing the West Coast Towards a Colonial Society -British had difficulty early colonizing West -very difficult long route, travel all way around South America - Indigenous population was very large - BC was a very fragile colony - difficult to develop family life, lack of women o Exploration and the fur trade o The Hudsons Bay Company and colonial beginnings on Vancouver Island Governor James Douglas - first governor of BC, and of the Hudsons Bay company - Nanaimo: coal mining was what the HBC looked to prosper in during the 1850s, hired: Scottish, local and Kanaka (indigenous peoples from Hawaii) labourers Agriculture - also established agricultural settlements. Strategy was to get well-to-do farmers who would establish great farms. Would bring capital to the region and it was hoped that the farm owners would also sponser the arrival of farm labourers who would also do work on their farms - farms didnt work out, labourers that the English brought in quickly lost interest in farming there and moved on to California. That was particularly true due to the gold rush in California, which had become in 1849. People were flocking there from around the globe and these British immigrant farm labourers were among them. - Vancouver island was a sleepy place - this all changed when gold was discovered up in the main land. Gold Rush, 1858 - from a pop of a few hundred white immigrants working in coal, fur trade, farming, the population ballooned to 30k, men searching to find their fortune. Fraser River: Port Hope, Yale, Lytton: 30k instant population Victoria transformed overnight - nowhere near the gold fields in the country, but governor James Douglas specified that all who wanted to to go the gold fields had ot first come to Victoria to get a license and to mine. - boom town atmosphere in Victoria; purchased items in shops there, arranged transportation there, etc. transition from small post to a major centre for the gold
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