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Lecture 4,5,6

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Ian Radforth

Lecture 4: Assisted Immigration from Britain -A minority movement through various experiments -Small schemes, big consequences: chain migration -systematic immigration and colonization British Government Assistance Colonial Secretary, Lord Bathursts military settlements Peter Robinsons settlers (Almonte and Peterborough) Chelsea Pensioners (disabled veterans as settlers) - Edward Gibbon Wakefield; Lobbied for systematic colonization from 1829 onwards. - thought land prices should be high in british colonies said Wakefield. -only prosperous people could then be able to afford farm lands and they would be able to work them efficiently. They would then hire lots of poor immigrants who would work as agricultural labourers. Recreating this kind of British society in the Colonies. It never actually worked in Canada but it did kind of work in Austraila. - if the gov tried to raise prices for land, people would just go to the states. Lord Bathurst, as colonial secretary, gave away lands and subsidized passes were given to small numbers of immigrants coming form Britain. Some were soldiers, demobilized there or here. Civilians were also aided. Part of the hope of encouraging significant #s of soldiers to settle was that it was thought that soldiers would provide leadership for other immigrants. To some extent this happened like in Perth, Ontario. Officers took a leadership role for a lil while. - quickly settlements had no distinctions, whether they were soldiers or civilians. - Tipperary settlers from Ireland, in 1818, only 44 families were subsidized by the British government. - they were protestant irish living in a catholic neighbourhood, worried politically, etc. thought it would be better to get out so their children could live better lives. Went ot the british gov asked for help, were granted aid and settled in Richmond in Upper Canada. - 775 additional families came from Tipperary after those 44 assisted immigrant families came to Canada. Whattup chain migration. They were self-propelled, wanted to try it on their own terms, thru word of mouf. - Catholic families from TIpperary also came to settle right beside these protestants, brutal fights happened. This was in the Lucan area in Ontario. - Peter Robinson 1823-25; encouraged people from troubled places in Ireland to come to Upper Canada - Priest chose who would be most successful in UC, from Ireland. 530 came over, they wrote home, saying this is sweeet, good future. - Gov wanted Robinson to do this again, he had 50k applications. He chose 2024 people to travel in 9 ships and settled in UC in Peterborough. Mostly poor, Catholic, Irish immigrants. - another scheme of state assitance coming from the Gov in Britain was the settlement among the Chelsea Pensioners (disabled veterans as settlers). - were beign supported by the gov because of the role they played in the wars
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