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The Prairies

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Ian Radforth

3Lecture 11: The Prairies and the Immigration Boom 1900-1913 October 262010 Midterm test is next week in EX 100 on McCaul street 50 minute exam exam is on all the content in lectures and the readings on topics 1, 2, 3 readings for lecture are not on exam identify and explain the significance ex. why do we bother studying this? is it a good example of wider patterns, such as these etc. 1896: 17,000 immigrants arrived bread basket prairie development crucial to the success of a prosperous Canada in this post-confederation period fewer imm. came than what policy makers had hoped for 1700 prosperity did arrive in Canada more immigrants arrived in the prairies Mass immigration occurred from Britain from the U.S- and from Europe, mainly german speaking and also in central and eastern Europe 1896 towards the end of the slow period of immigration , only 17,000 arrived o 1913 400,000 arrived , 30% to Prairie West o This boom ended temporarily due to WW1 Prairie west was the most dramatic region in pop. boom (up 440%) Causes push and Pull factor o Push pop. pressure on land in Europe crowding, high rents, they were uprooted looking for opportunity elsewhere
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