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Tutorial Notes #1: The Irish

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Ian Radforth

Topic One: The Irish in 19 C Canada: Class, Culture and Conflict First reading: About Violence in New-Brunswick against Irish immigrants and Protestant orange Irish (and others). -Influx of Irish catholic immigrants in the 1840s. -Previously, relations between catholic and protestant Irish in New Brunswick was peaceful. -Due to the large arrival of Irish catholic immigrants in the 40s (because of the potato famine), many of them were poor and were willing to work menial jobs. -In 1840s, because of new free trade laws by British government, foreign tariffs were dropped and colonial duties were increased. This brought high unemployment in the colony. -Commercial crippled period for Saint John and Portland from 1942-3 and 1945-9. -This caused a lot of job competition between wealthier and more stable Protestants in those areas and poor Catholics. -Beginning of a perceived threat that Catholics would spread evil of the papacy and wanted to block it. -Encouraging of protestant businesses to only hire Protestants. -Orange Order (protestants) grew and marched around in catholic areas, causing many fights to break out and social order to be chaotic for periods where people would be kille
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