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Tutorial Notes#2: American Blacks

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Tutorial #2: Topic Two: American Blacks in 19 century Ontario: Challenging the stereotypes Black population of Canada west: Positive assumptions of Canada where white abolitionists guiding fugitive slaves from American slave-owners to the freedom of British soil. Some justification for that belief. Black people did come and set up all black communities with churches. However it downplays courageous role of African Americans, including ex slaves like Harriet Tubman. -Also evidence that many black immigrants were not slaves, but simply freed black men and women reacting to deterioration in their civil rights. 1861 census indicates historians exaggerate size of black population in general and overestimate proportion of black population who were fugitives from slavery. -40,000 blacks is probably most accurate figure argued by some. (Estimates ranging from 15,000 to 75,000) -from personal conclusions, author draws maybe 22,500 to 23,000 black people (indicating historians significantly overestimated black population of Canada west in 1860 by 75% or more). -No mass migration of blacks out of Canada. This conclusion is often drawn due to mistakes in assumption of number of blacks living in Canada at the time. (Only a small amount of blacks emigrated) Most black people were not fugitive slaves. Abolitionists often exaggerated the numbers. Free immigrants, not slaves. (Many born in places like Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky wh
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