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Lectures 7 and 8

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Lecture 7: Colonizing the west Coast Towards a Colonial Society -exploration and the fur trade -The Hudsons Bay Company and colonial beginnings on Vancouver Island Governor James Douglas Abo pop decline: 100, 000 200 000 27 000 (1730-1880) Nanaimo: coal mining Scottish, local, and Kanaka labour Agriculture Gold Rush 1858: Fraser River: Fort Hope, Yale, Lytton: 30 000 instantly Victoria transformed Early 1860s: Cariboo county: Barkerville Few immigrants to west coast Indig pop larger here - Presence newcomers were aware of and had to adjust to> In earliest years (colonial era) in BC was fragile colonial experiment fragile bc of Indig pop., few white women difficult to see family life develop We see people from Asia arriving Todays focus is COLONIAL ERA (1849 1871 in BC) Fragility of colonial experiment, difficulties Indig: Larger pop on West than East 100 000 to 200 000 1880s 27 000 pop diseases kill them off EARLY DAYS OF EXPLORATION Began in 18 c., first by Russians who came across pacific in 1728-9 then Spanish round South American tip in 1774 1776 British arrived - James Cook th th Fur trade opened in 18 c. and first half 19 c. Indig + Euros Sea otter pelts, also land based pelts to Asia and Europe By 1846, modern boundary of BC USA established In this period, Hudsons Bay Co. important, had extended westward, up pacific coast, by sea and over land, exploited fur resources of BC
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