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Lecture 4

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Ian Radforth

HIS312 – Lecture 4 – September 27 2011 >> Arrangement with immigration agent aboard ships >> Sought agents in Canada to seek advice, but really up to them to find land and work >> self reliance Assisted Immigration from Britain >> mainly talking about others provided for or arrange tickets across the Atlantic >> for people who could not afford a ticket on their own >> not much of a paper trail, so trouble decided what they were up to in detail >> when people were assisted, bureaucracies were drawn upon >> in Great Britain there were debates as to whether this assistance was a good idea >> was expensive to assist in significant numbers >> people were reluctant spending money to help others >> governments were hesitant Systematic Colonization >> Imperial plans to divert immigration from US to British colonies >> Edward Gibbon Wakefield >> parliamentary lobbyist from 1829 >> produced a lot of pamphlets and encouraged systematic colonization >> remove burden to the colonies and strengthen the British Empire >>Goals >> Eliminate Britain's surplus population >> build of British colonies >> Make little Englands >> People of wealth to run things >> employees that were protected by the elite >> Charge high prices for colonial land as opposed to giving it away or cheap prices >> arbitrary price hike to control who got land >> attempts were made along the Wakefield system however did not work in Canada >> did not attract wealthy people >> large numbers left Canada for cheap land in the US >> worked better in Australia because they are more isolated >> British Government Assistance >> Lord Bathurst (colonial secretary 1812-25) >> sporadic assistance to soldiers and civilians >> Tipperary Irish, 1818 to Richmond, UC and Lucan, UC >> Protestants living amidst Catholic settlement who felt vulnerable >> 44 families >> given money to come to UC and to settle >> eventually 775 families came to Richmond and Lucan as result of assistance (chain migration) >> after Napoleonic Wars military giver passage on ships and tools to work their land >> strong social order >> former soldiers were to “protect” Canada >> never actually played a military role >> Peter Robinson settlers >> Paupers and protest in southern Ireland >> hunger, unemployment and political unrest >> British gov should get the troublemakers out of Ireland and send them to Canada >> relocation paid for by Brits in 1823 >> 568 'troublemakers' relocated near Almonte, UC (Ottawa Valley) >> Very few were actually troublemakers, moreover people Robinson saw as ideal settlers for Canada >> 1825 – 2024 people from Cork resettled to Peterborough (named after Robinson) >> went to RC priest to find out who would be the best settlers >> assistance was provided by Brit gov.
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