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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

HIS312 – Lecture 6 – Oct 3 2011 African American: Fugitive Slaves and Free Blacks >> The Black Refugees >> during and immediately after the War of 1812, only to Nova Scotia and New Brusnwick >> slaves in the US who sought Britain's offer of freedom during the War of 1812 and free land afterwards >> same idea as what happened during American Revolution >> 1500 to Halifax, 500 to NB >> Halifax's refugee camp, 1813 >> temporarily housed, crude accommodations, food >> economic boom >> A welcome supply of labour in wartime >> Postwar unemployment, hostility >> fired because white people were coming back from war >> economy slowing because war was over >> refugees wanted land promised, and Britain slowly gave small lots >> given food and crude tools to help them farm >> Hardship on the land >> Halifax-area communities built around black churches and schools >> rather isolated because they were shunned by whites >> rights denied >> white gangs would prevent blacks from voting >> middle of 19 century black communities found ways to assert themselves >> Upper Canada >> Reputation as a haven >> for escaped slaves >> reputation spread across US >> decisions made at outset of province >> Lt. Governor, John Graves Simcoe: abolitionist 1793 measure: >> no new slaves; children free at 25 >> many opposed him >> Britain's Emancipation Act, 1833 (effective 1
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