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Lecture 1-Migration and Colonization in Early Canada

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Migration and Colonization in Early Canada 1 Introduction 15001717 during the period immigration to CA was small numbers were minisculesmall in comparison to the numbers going to the colonies south of us THE US the flow of immigrants into Canada at this time was erratic spurts of immigrationfalling off immigrants settled in a scattered patterntiny settlementsfew connection amongst one anotherover large part of the globe new comers were significant French and English becoming our national languages have to do with both empires being the founding peoples FrenchEnglish cultures have become very important in the long run much larger numbers of indigenous peoples Newcomers the interactions with Indigenous people via European tradesettling innovationEarly Canadaa historian convenienceto describe the area that would eventually become Canada Sourcesavailable for studying immigration history in this period are limited sources include shipping recordsnoted cargopeopledocuments are not expansivejust nameswhat port was leftwhere it was arrived government documentsproduced by FrenchBritish authoritiestrying to oversee and note what was going on TOP DOWNview of the world the experience of the immigrants not notedadvertisement sourcescaptains who looked for cargo sometimes looked for peopleimmigrants as products being shipped to early Canadathus they advertized their voyages to attract immigrantsMISSING SOURCEaccount on part of the immigrants themselvesmost were unable to writereadthe unusual immigrant experience were the very few people who wrote about things were at some disadvantage to this early period immigration to early Canadagrows out of the history of European expansion Chris Columbus 1492to the Caribbeanto the possibility of exploration of this New World Voyagesexploration 1People hired impart of a regimebacked by a King 2 Fishing mendesire to apprehend codWhy did Europeans Come 1Goldeconomic motivationslooking to profit from exploiting natural resources and the wealth in the Americas Gold in and of itselfalso tradealso FISHFUR true people to this region as a major commodity th2 Godmissionary impulse during the 17 century in EuropeChristian missions were in fashion amongst Catholicswanting to assimilateconvert the aboriginal peoplesave savages from heathenism impact of the mission was smallpriestsmonksnunsdid not procreatethus their contribution to immigration is nill their contribution was perhaps attracted people from their ethnic roots to come here and rest assure there was catholic denominations 3 GloryEuro monarchs sought prestige by taking over empires in the new world
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