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Lecture 3

Lecture 3-Migration from the British Aisles to 1865

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Lecture 3 Migration from the British Isles to 1865 Introduction Making British Canada most of these early settlements were smallbut it was England in that succeeded in getting further imperial claim in this part of the world British claim that predominated from that point onin the immediate years after the Brtisth conquestimmigration levels were lowhowever the coming of the loyalists from America changed this population discourseImperial claimsWartime Migration 18001814 A Period of War Napoleonic Wars17931815 War of 1812bwteen the US and Great Britain Immigration discouraged part of Canada became a battle groundTHE DANGERS of transatlantic travel scared people off due to the War between the French and English and the United States and Britian Britain at the time had good prospectscompetitive jobspeople were grounded and did not need to risk moving across the atlantic When upper Canada was a battle groundmigration virtually stopped US was an important source of immigrants LOYALISTS fleeing and going into southern Ontario UNTIL 1812 when they stoppedNewfoundlandthe dangers for Atlantic travel still had the same effects Many preferred to become resident fisherman living in Newfoundlandthe WAR situationcaused people who migrated to workto settle there so they dont need to travel back and forth still marginally a fishing population SCOTSin the Maritime Colonies8100 Scottish immigrants left Scotland and settled in the martimesthere had been some Scottish immigration but the numbers began to increase in 1801 these people are typically on the highlands and western Islesfacing tough economic changes most significant changeis the decline in the kelping industrycollected kelp used partly as fertilizerthe job situation was poor job security lowerpeople feared their future and teh future of their children people often had to sell the lasts of there ownerships for plane tickets Scots experienced severe poverty at this period in Atlantic Canada great majority were Roman Catholics scotsand Galic speaking added to Canadas diversitynmot French or English speakingMigrants among these migrants there were the menonitesreligious minoritysmall religious groups who were German speakingorigins in the German speaking part of Europe the built farms but still felt insecurethey were passivists 0didnt want to be forced to serve in any militarydeal was to populate certain areamost Germansquakers live in waterlooScots who settled in Eastern Canadaalong the banks of St Lawrence of what is now Ontario these were migrants who came directly from Scotland they arrived in 9 shiploads of settlersand they came as high earners of Scotland who were facing downward mobility at home
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