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Lecture 3: Migration from the British Isles, from 1800 to 1865

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Ian Radforth

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Lecture 3: Migration from the British Isles, from 1800 to 1865 -Wartime Migration, 1800-1814 -Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815) and the War of 1812: a Brake on Migration -Exceptions -Newfoundlands rapid settlement -Scots in the Maritimes: Lord Selkirk and assisted immigration to PEI -Upper Canada -the Late Loyalists -Mennonites: pacifists -Glengarry: groupclan migrations -considerable migration from the British Isles -Upper Canada got the bulk of the settlers since 1791 along with the Maritimes -a series of distinct British colonies, under a governor general -divided into two waves of immigration -wartime migration, 1800-1814 -period of great migration, 1814 -1860 -war time migration, 1800-1814 -wars in Europe, betw. Eng and Fr, the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815) -wars in N. America, War of 1812(-1814), betw. Eng and US -substantial impact on immigration, by constraining it -discouraged it due to dangers of transplantation across the Atlantic -and war provided jobs at home -immigration from US, ground to a halt during the War of 1812, unlike prior to war with significant immigration -in Newfoundland, fishers started to settle down, safer -ppl from s. Ireland, and s. Eng -went from 25 000-30 000 -Scots went to the Maritimes, about 8500 -settled along the coasts -Scottish immigrants settled on PEI, cause of the assistance of the 5 Earl of Selkirk, Thomas Douglas -who was sad about the amount of suffering on estates -from the Highland, ppl encouraged to move, conversion to sheep farms, needed fewer labour, fewer opportunities -used personal wealth to fund immigration of some -was a Brit patriot, tried to encourage other landlords -800 Scots arrived in PEI, under Selkirks patronage -as farmers, didnt own the land, but rented, as the land had been carved up already -had paid for transport, and funds to settle down in early yrs -great success, by 1810 this support no longer needed -able to feed, clothe themselves -though Selkirk unhappy that other landlords did not follow -latter on helped around Red River, Manitoba -cause of chain migration -ppl encouraged to migrate as a result of
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