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Lecture 4: Assisted Immigration from Britain

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Ian Radforth

Lecture 4: Assisted Immigration from Britain -a minority movement through various experiments -small schemes, big consequences: chain migration -systematic immigration and colonization -Colonial Secretary, Lord Bathursts military settlements -Peter Robinsons settlers (Almonte and Peterborough) -Chelsea Pensioners (disabled veterans as settlers) -most ppl came on their own steam -debates in Brit about whether or not to fund the immigration -was the expense worth it? -some said yes, had to colonize the immigrants -others said no, they would fund their way anyway -in the end the laissez-fair argument won out -weirdly the small amount of assisted immigration better documented, then the larger self-directed immigration -as the govt, the press kept records and wrote -wanted to buffer against the US -wanted Little Britains abroad, with class systems -would bring stability in the empire -systematic colonization, from 1829 onwards Edward Gibbon Wakefield argued that crown land everywhere in the globe, that the land only be sold at a high price -so that only prosperous ppl would be able to farm, who would develop the land as they had the means -and so would create estates, and recreate the lords and peasant system of Britain -sometimes worked in Australia, a relatively isolated place -but didnt work in Canada, as ppl just went to the US for
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