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Lecture 9

Lecture 9: Anti-Orientalism and a White Canada Policy

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Lecture 9: Anti-Orientalism and a White Canada Policy -the anti-Orientalist movement -ideas -institutions: -Working Mens Protective Association, est. 1878 -Anti-Chinese Association, est. 1879 -Asiatic Exclusion League, est. 1900s(?) -pressuring the British Columbian govt -employment restrictions -immigration restrictions ****mid-term 2 weeks from now!!!*** -will be written in the exam centre on McCaul Street, EX ground floor room -50 min test, starts at 3:10 pm -make sure to look up the exam tips on Blackboard!!! -about how to answer the questions -content drawn from the lectures and the readings! *research essay questions now on Blackboard -along with outlinetips -at least 6 references, cant be 6 six books (monographs) -anti-Orientalism was an organized, institutional form of racism, esp. in BC -from the days since the first arrivals right up into the 20th c. -movements formed to get govt, corps to have anti-Oriental policies -committed to a white Canada -White Canada forever -much lobbying at the prov. govt, esp. BC, and to the fed. govt in BC -to make it difficult to immigrate, to have them deported, to make it diff. to settle down, etc ... -to some extent was met with success, BC govt did do many proposals for this popular movement for voters -and the fed. govt also responded positively as well -and so solidified the racial hierarchy of the time -almost as soon as arriving, Asian immigrants faced racism -ex. in the gold mines, Chinese miners driven off the best mining areas, forced to the periphery, as the whites ganged up together -newspapers also voiced objections to the entry of the Chinese, called them other and lesser -that they didnt belong in Canada, in a Brit. colony, would subvert the colony -formed orgs. to make life difficult -lobbied govt, mobilized the public, mass meetings, very active during election campaigns -a broad movement within white BC -many religious figures involved, seen as a threat to Christian Canada -many lawyers, politicians, middle and working class, workers and farmers also supported it -very few ppl spoke out against it, very wide support base -those few who were against it, battled it subversively, not openly, as too popular a movement -this movement similar to other reform movements of the period
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