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Lecture 11

Lecture 11: The Prairies and the Immigration Boom, 1900-1913

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Lecture 11: The Prairies and the Immigration Boom, 1900-1913 -immigration boom -1896: 17 000 immigrants arrive -1913: 400 000 arrived -30% go to the Prairie West -Saskatchewan pop. up 440% (vs. Nova Scotia pop. up only 7%) -causes of the populationimmigration boom: pushpull ***mid-term next week!!! -in EX100 at the exam centre on McCaul Street at 3pm! -only 1 hr exam, no lecture next week then -incl. readings (Topics 1-3) and the lecture content as well -***see the tips for the test on Blackboard!!!*** -ids 510 (name, event, group of immigrants, dates of sig., act of parliament -who, what, where -explain the significance, is it a good example of wider patterns like, why do we know about it, think about the context in the lecture, whats the wider idea of it -Cnd. hope the Prairie region would boom into an agricultural might, improve Western development, seen as crucial to the development of a prosperous Canada -policies put in place to foster immigrationsettler were dismal -far fewer ppl came, not as prosperous either regionally or nationally -prosperity came to Canada in 1900 -sharp rise in immigration levels, esp the dozen yrs starting the 20th c., 1913 was the peak yr -1896: 17 000=> 1913: 400 000 -boom slowed in 1914 cause of WWI, as Canada involved in the war -the Prairie region became one of the engines of a prosperous Canada -mass immigration from Britain (trad.), sig. numbers from the US, and from Europe -not just German-speaking in the NW Euro, but central and Eastern Euro. -much larger numbers in general -immigration went to all parts of Canada, but the Prairies were the most dramatically developed -like SK pop. went up 440% -vs. NS pop. went up 7%, mostly due to natural increase -also went to industrial cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver -causes of immigration to Canada at this time -continuing out migration from Euro -cause of pop. pressures on the land -too crowded -rising rentsprices -looking for opportunities elsewhere -Brit. eco. went down -rising levels of unemployment -lack of demand for goods -persecution of religious minorities -esp. in central and Eastern Euro -period of the closing of the American frontier -the land in the US which attracted vast numbers in the 19th was scarcer and more expensive
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