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Lecture 12

Lecture 12: The "New Immigration"

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Ian Radforth

Lecture 12: The New Immigration -immigrants to jobs -in Canadas industrializing cities -on the resource frontier -a US label: the new immigration -international labour networks and settlement patterns -in addition to the large ppl immigrating to homesteads, even more ppl immigrated to work in Canadian cities -bldg. operating millsfactories, bldg infrastructure like roads, bridges, streetcar lines, operating millsfactories -numerous unskilled men got work -immigrant women were domestic servants -as Cnd. women had other options -frontier industries opened up like mining, forestry -period of very extensive railway construction -not just the CPR in the 1880s -2 new ones in the 20th c. -needed much labour -some were Brit immigrants, who lacked skills, out of the crapy Brit eco. -few Asians cause of restrictions -many foreigners -ppl who came from Euro, spoke lang. other then EngFr. -mostly men, many foreigners, ppl who came for industrial work, called new immigration -from the US term with similar meanings for immigration boom -some settled down, built ethnic communities like Little Italy, Greektown -whats new about is that its industrial, and spoke diff. lang. -US adopted restrictions like literacy tests to prove they had schooling, quotas on size of immigrant groups from any one country, mostly from the 1880s- 1920s -in Canadian terminology, means from 1900s-to the Great Depression, though interrupted by WWI -since never actually applied the restrictions -the men who came, were part of international labour networks, began in peasant communities in central and Eastern Euro -also extended to S. America, esp. to Buenos Airos (like Chicago in that sense) -to Australia as well -Canada just one part of this vast network, but the pattern is familiar -to get the work done needed in this booming eco., as the Cnd. born men would be in farms while the women would be in clerical work (had lang. skills and schooling), esp. in the financial sector, while immigrant women would be domestic servants or in unskilled factories -in this period, the Cnd-US border didnt matter to immigrants, they just wanted work -Canadian patterns -Canadian govt policies assisted the new immigrants surreptitiously -balancing competing interests -didnt out right encourage it, were worried about backlash, like from Eng- speaking or French-speaking
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