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Lecture 14

Lecture 14: Ethnic Minorities During the Depression, and During the Second World War

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Lecture 14: Ethnic Minorities During the Depression, and During the Second World War -hard times: the Great Depression, 1929-1939 -the Second World War, 1939-1945 -closing the door -1929: 168 000 arrivals in Canada -1936: 11 000 arrivals in Canada -1943: 7000 arrivals in Canada -deportations -refusing naturalization -immigration quiet low during this time, fell in 1930, and stayed quiet low during the 1930s with the Great Depression, and continued through the war years -not till 1947-1948, did immigration rise again -Canada second-hardest hit after the US during the Depression -severe job loss, agri disasters, and prices fell -ppl not free to leave their home countries in Euro, much occupied by the German -the Cnd. immigration offices shut down in Euro -travel dangerous anyways, like U-Boat attacks -transport hard to arrange, ships needed for the war effort -the Canada govt starting in the early 1930s made it more diff. for immigrants to come -in 1931, no one could come unless you had substantial money -even white experienced farmers were not wanted unless they had a lot of money -most of the immigrants in the 1930s, were the wives and children of the men who immigrated in the 1920s, through family re-unificatin -lots of deportations, esp. in the mid-1930s, nearly matched the numbers coming in -usu. the unemployed, not natural
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