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Lecture 15

Lecture 15: Postwar Immigration Policies, 1946-1957

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Ian Radforth

Nov. 23, 2010 Lecture 15: Postwar Immigration Policies, 1946-1957 -victory and uncertainty -the economy -the Cold War -Mackenzie Kings House of Commons statement, 1947 -wait and see -absorptive capacity -so great a heritage as ours -Canadians pleased with the end of WWII, end of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan -happy soldiers returning home -life would be back to normal -though some uncertainty -what about the economy? -back to the Great Depression? now that the war was over -very soon the Cold War started -USSR vs. US -Communism vs. liberal democracy -didnt think immigration would start till economy better -steps taken to screen out Commies, from new immigrants -PM Mackenzie King, 1947 -been around since 1908, to keep out the Japanese -wait and see what happens to the economy, then open the doors -the capacity of the Canadian economy to absorb the immigrants -enough jobs, work, not a threat in the job market -the absorptive capacity of Canada -but wouldnt change the fundamental ethnic policy -to keep the ethnic makeup the same as it had ever been -with so great a heritage as ours -Brits, French -so no Asians, in sig. numbers -cautionary, tentative policy -Canada enjoyed a period of a good economy, prosperity -an immigration surge, 1950-1960 -mounting pressure to open the door -external Euro pressure -serious eco troubles cause of WWII -in Great Britain, austerity, rationing, weak economy -lots of rural poverty -refugees in temp. camps in western Euro -didnt want to return to their homelands, occupied by the Soviets -Jewish refugees from the Holocaust -Euro govt eager to have ppl to leave as well -like Italy, Greece, Portugual -internal Canadian pressure -had families in Euro, wanted a brighter future for them
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