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Lecture 17

Lecture 17: The Liberalization of Canadian Immigration Policies, 1960s and Beyond

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Lecture 17: The Liberalization of Canadian Immigration Policies, 1960s and Beyond -a new era in immigration policy -two issues -matching immigration and labour needs -sponsorship: too many unskilled workers, not enough skilled ones -attempt at restricting sponsorship, March 1959 -PM John Diefenbaker (Progressive Conservative), order-in- council -protest -rescinded -a continuing issue -racial bias in immigration policy -external pressures -trade pressures -diplomatic pressures -Britain and the Commonwealth -the United Nations *final exam, 2 hrs -two essay question (choice out of 6 questions) -see past exams (Portal > Content) -significant numbers of immigrants in the postwar yrs -recruited through the labour contract system, -many through sponsorship -considerable diversity -but limited to different kind of Euros -increasing fire for the racist immigration policies -Canada didnt get enough skilled immigrants needed for the economy -1967, introduction of the point system for immigration -solved the issue of not enough skilled immigrants and the issue of racial preference -in the late 1950s, over supply of unskilled immigrants coming to Canada -were from rural areas -and looking to work in industry for the first time, but may not have had the skills -vs. the undersupply of skilled workers -this dichotomy was because of the sponsorship system -as landed immigrants, citizens could all sponsor relatives -and did so in significant numbers -for every Italian that came to Canada, 49 others were sponsored -a serious issue by the late 1950s -acute in 1958-1959, as a short recession occurred, growing unemployment of unskilled workers -unions worried about wages and standards -so John Diefenbaker, 1957-1952, Progressive Conservative -passed an order-in-council, March 1959 -which put a lid on the number of relatives able to be sponsored -immediate outrage, esp. from new Canadians -loud protests -April 1959, the order was rescinded -but he still was highly unpopular in immigrant circles
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