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Lecture 3Migration from the British Isles to 1865Immigration to BNA 18001815 o People came to BNA from 18001860sUpper Canada broke area y Lower Canada French speaking minorityy Aboriginal people still occupied areas but in matter of settlements their numbers declined y BNA made up of several colonies now our provincesyShort Phaseimmigration levels were lowy Subsequent phaseimmigration levels were higher yo A period of war Napoleonic Wars 17931815 y In Europe Occupied France and Britainy War of 1812 181214yParts of Canada were war grounds upper CanadaMigration stopped from Britain and USyImmigration discouragedyDangerous of the transatlantic travelsome were willing to risk crossing throughOpposite effect on those of NFL exception to low level migrationySome lived in NFL bc it was saferyGrowth in this area of populationyScots went to Maritimes Another exceptionFrom Western IslesScotlandHighlandsyFeared of futurechangeyWanted to pursue languagecultureconnected thru clansyRoman Catholicsgave the Church an important though in the regionySpoke the old language of ScottishyParticular group Memonites German speakingyGone to the US Penns ySeek religious persecutionyPacifistsyDidnt want to be part of any military of any kindyGuaranteed opportunity did not have to take part in militaryySettling in Waterloo County y o The great Migration 181565Out of British IslesScotlandyThe label for a movement of 6 million from BritainyEmigration from a significant social phenomenon in Britain A big impact o The Great Migrations Wide ImpactNearly 4 million to US nearly 15 million to Canada nearly 1 million to Australia and NZy o BNA Pop Growth 600000 to 35 million 38 in UCNatural increase people having childrenyInflux of immigrants entering Canaday o Peak Years of Immigration 18316 184651
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