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his312h1 - october 11

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

LectureColonizing the West CoastIntroductionBritish Colonization on the Pacific Coast too y But difficultiesanxieties y The real disaster population collapse among Aboriginal peoples y 100000200000 at time of European contact 150 years later 1881 27000 y ExplorationThe Fur Trade y Russian 1728 Spanish 1774 British Captain James Cook 1776 y The HBCColonial beginnings on Vancouver Island y 2849 HBC assumes 10 year ownership of Vancouver Island y Development of Natural Resourcesfarming y Governor James Douglas Company GovernorGovernor of the colonyVictoria y Chief operating OfficierColonization under Douglasthe HBC y Coal mining at Nanaimo y Local Aboriginal Labourimmigrant workers from Hawaii KanakasScotlandFarming on the English Modely HBC attempts to attract gentlemen investorsfarm workers from BritainAttractions of the gold fields of California gold rush 1849BC Gold Rushes 18581860 y California 1849 mirrored on the mainland opposite Vancouver Island30000 newcomers in 1858Sprawling settlements far inlandGovernor DouglasThe Creation of BC y Fear of an American takeoverSeparate mainland colony of BC 1858 Designated by Douglasconfirmed by British ParliamentAmaigamation of 2 colonies 1866 BC1871 colony of BC joins Confederation Canada as a provinceNewcomers mostly from playedout California gold fields y Diversity white Americans African Americans Chinese Jews Germans Italians SpinardsVictoria transformed overnight y Governor Douglas required miners to obtain license at VictoriaBoomtownLong terks in land thru the mountains y Donkeysteamboats y Hardshipadventure y Selling highpriced supplies to miners y Rowdyfrontier far from Victoria govt lawy Poormens camps y Colonial BC 18491871 y Unusual social relations y Small white population y
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