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his312 - october 18th

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

LectureThe AntiAsian Movement A White Canada Policy1 AntiAsian Movements o Hostility upon armedo An organized movement To lobby employersgovts y To mobilize the electoratey Broadly based y Contrast to antiBlack sentiment y2 Institutions o 1878Workingmens Protective Association o 1879AntiChinese Association o 1907Asiatic Exclusion League USCanada 3 Arguments o The Yellow PerilHuge Asian population would emigrateoverwhelm y Threat to racial purityhigh racial standards of BC y Unassimiable newcomers yo Practical threat Take jobs lower wages undermine trade unions y Weaken the economy y Refusal to spend earnings locally remittances home insteadPresence discourages white immigrants investors o China Town asHealth threat unsanitary practices of slovenly bachelorsdisease y Moral threat OpiumGumbling denstemptation for whites spread of vice y Sexual threat lone male Asiatics endanger white womanhood yo Demands of the AntiAsian movementDeny rights to Asians in Canada y No votelimited political influenceNo combating discriminatory treatmentAimdirect disadvantagesunderlines inferior statusDeny access to jobsy Employers should refuse to hire AsiansTrade unions should deny membershipthus access to jobsGovts should refuse access to civil service jobsjobs in resource sectorStop immigrationdeportunemployed asians yo Pressure on govts Province of BC y Readiness to comply Govt regulations in resource sectorNo asian can work underground in a BC mine y No asian can work in Crown forests y Attempts to stop immigration
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