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his312 - october 25th

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Ian Radforth

Lecture 11 The PrairiesThe Immigration Boom 190019131 Hopes realized at last 2 Immigration boom 19001913 o 189617000 immigrants arrived o 1913400000 arrived o 30 of total of 19001913 to Prairie West o Sask Population up 440 C vs NS pop Up 7 3 Rural settlement our focus but urban growth too 4 Causes of the Immigration Boom o Push factorsPopulation pressures in rural Europe on the move y Persecution of religiousethnic minorities in Russia in Eastercentral Europe y British economy slowing down y Closing of the US frontier Western lands no longer free yo Pull factorsHigh prices for Cdn Exports in international markets wheat lumber newsprint ymineralsboomInternational investments in Cdn resource sector y5 Prairie Farming Improvements o Mechanization of equipment more profitable farms o Dry farming techniques o Development of earlyripping grains reduced risk of frost damage o The Last Best WestUS frontier closed AmericansEuropean immigrants diverted to Cdn Prairies 6 Homesteading in Canada o Dominion Lands Act 1872 parallel to US Homostead Act o Aimed at male household heads wanting to make a family farm o Location ticket for lotsole right to develop for10 fee o Once home built farm producing residency established then can get patentsecure titleo Attractive after 1900Attracted people to West y Immigrants liked opportunity of farming of free land yo Role of minister of the Interior Clifford SiftonIn charge of Prairie Development 18961905 in Liberal govt of Wilfred Laurier y The Napoleon of WestManitoba journalistbusinessman y Boasted of singlehandedly drawing millions to the Prairies y Accomplishments y Put immigration agents in Commission basisIncreased advertisingpromotion in USEuropeFocused on US West luring back Cdns whose sons need landExperienced with Western agriculturewhite y7 Sifton best known for targeting centraleastern European previously neglected Men in Sheepskin Coats
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