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Lecture 2

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Kenneth Mills

History of Quebec Lecture 2 January 16 20121960s Quebec singersongwriter culture folk revival but also different in its own political trajectoriesexplosion of political expression and thought1 emergence of the modern separatist movement the idea Quebec should extract itself from Canadian confederation2 industrialization Anglophones dominated the prestigious jobs capitals spoke English labourers spoke Frenchrelationship to industrial labour is absolutely central3 roman catholic church in Quebec society implementation of the church over the education system catholic society many began to argue that it was necessary to break out from the shackles of confederation to development more than a secular society and to overcome and transform that particular kind of labourpolitical movement that emerged challenged confederation construction of work and helped to transform Quebecs artistic culture1867 Quebecs entrance to Canadian confederationBook reviewhalf summaryhalf your own critic where the book fails strengths and weaknessesreview the Canadian historical review and look at some of the reviews made on your book1stJuly 1 1867act of British parliament brought the Dominion of Canada into existencemany challenges and contestations the incredible durability of Canadian Confederation this confederation bringing different colonies together into political structuredoesnt represent the same mythology as found in countries such as France and the USfounding mythology has never had a very serious holdLord Durhamarrival of Lord Durham to Canada who came as a representative of the British government investigated political troubles and created a report cast a shadow over Quebec political life for him French Canada had no culture or history and believed French Canadians needed to be assimilated the drive for cultural survival remains extremely strong
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