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Lecture 4: Industry, Democracy, and Modernist Art

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Jennifer Jenkins

Lecture 4: Industry, Democracy, and Modernist Art I. The Weimar modern II. Political Ferment, Cultural Revolt III. Expressionism IV. The Cabaret Voltaire V. Was ist Dada? (What is Dada?) VI. Architecture in the Service of Social Renewal VII. Changing Sexual Norms: The New Woman VIII. Hannah Hch and the Art of Photomontage *response papers only for participation, 3 in total out of the 5 remaining tutorials *accessibility services? Maybe -modern art in the Weimar Republic -Berlin in the 1920s becomes the centre of all types of mod art, painting, sculpture, dancing -in contrast to Paris being the centre of Impressionist art in the 19 c. -called Expressionism -ranges from the art of Dada to Kierchers Pedestrians on Street During Nighttime -other works like Dream City, Red Metropolis -film also another medium, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Metropolis, M -architecture, the famous design school Bauhaus is est. in 1919 (???) -stark, modern architecture no ornaments -Magic Mountain wins the Nobel Prize for Literature -this art as a form of social activism -radical break with tradition -a deliberate rejection of what was taught in art schools -has a lot to do with the war (III ???) -experiments in form and content -lots of social criticism -satire common -while Weimar Ge
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