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Lecture 5: The Rise of the NSDAP: 1920-1933

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Jennifer Jenkins

Lecture 5: The Rise of the NSDAP: 1920-1933 I. A Party is Founded, 1919-1920 II. Hitlers March on Munich: the Beer-Hall Putsch, Nov. 9, 1923 III. The Path of Legality IV. Building a Mass Party V. The Ideology of the NSDAP VI. The Breakthrough of 1928 VII. Political Consequences of the Great Depression, 1929 VIII. Chancellor Heinrich Bruning and the Presidential Cabinets, 1930-1933 IX. The Year 1932 X. Hindenburg and Hitler XI. Adolf Hitler Appointed as German Chancellor, January 30, 1933 -in the chaos of Germany post-WWI, new poli groups -Munich, Jan 5th 1919, small group the German Workers Party founded -in Feb 1920, the 25 Points becomes the centre of the NSDAP, presented by Adolph Hitler -Nazi party founded -anti-Communism, anti-Semitism -Jews the greatest enemy -Jews both a race and a religion -natl outrage over the Treaty of Versailles -betrayed by the Jews -anti-US success -how the Soviets, Americans, and Jews all bent on destroying Germany -Mussolini the most enlightened man, accord. to them -wanted to seize power like he did, marching in Rome -did so in 1924, at the height of the meltdown of the German mark, poli volatility with extremist parties -Oct. 1923, group of Commies plan a Bolshevik uprising, only lasts 50 hrs, was a month before Hitlers own attempt at power -Hamburg, Thalmann attempts leap at power -Ernst Thalmann dies in a a communication camp -Nov. 9, chose for Nazi rebel -anniversary of the day the Kaiser abdicated, and the Weimar Republic est. -later on the night of kristalnacht, also on Nov. 9th -Ludendorff joins with Hitler, had the Fatherland Party, with the United Patriotic Association -planned for an armed takeover of Munich -army said their disloyal to the republic, with Fonzeehkt(???) at head, his bid for power -he withdraws support of the army, when he realizes that Hitler wont give him what he wants, and so the whole thing falls apart -Hitler marches on to the beer-hall, says the Bavarian govt is deposed, and says that he and Ludendorff are the heads of the new govt -the nxt day march more, but met by the police as the army had deserted them -are arrested, and Hitler given a sentence of 5 yrs for what is essentially treason, thanks to the conservative judiciary that hadnt been removed from WWI
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