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Lecture 6

Lecture 6: The Racial State

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Jennifer Jenkins

Lecture 6: The Racial State I. The Seizure of Power (Machtergreifung), 1933-34 II. The Emergency Decrees: The Reichstag Fire, Feb. 27, 1933 III. Wild Concentration Camps: the Destruction of the Political Left IV. The Enabling Act V. Anti-Semitic Persecution Begins VI. Hitler Becomes Fhrer VII. Strengthening the Army: the Night of the Long Knives VIII. The Nuremberg Laws IX. The Racial State X. Against Versailles XI. All Germans in a Greater Germany: The Anschluss with Austria XII. The Munich Agreement XIII. Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, November 9, 1938 XIV. The Nazi-Soviet Pact and the Invasion of Poland, September 1, 1939 ***midterm is next week!!!!*** -in class, just the first hour (60 min) of class (second hr is a movie) -mainly on factual recall, poli. history, war, revolution, Weimar rep. Nazi party, dictatorship, up to 1938 (incl. docs for this week of Oct. 20) -2 sections -1) 3 short answer on major eventsdatesconceptsppl, choose 1 out of 2 q. -explain what it is, and why it is important, the historical significance -3-4 sentences -2) 1 essay question out of 3 q. -min of 4 paragraphs -read carefully, may have specific parts to answer (2 q. within the essay q.) -will get grades back before Nov. 3 drop date, prob. Mon. Nov. 1 after noon *extra-credit movie, Kolberg, named after a place in Prussia, where battle of 1907 against the French took place , place of battle in WWII against the Soviet offense in the east, released at the end of Jan 1945, on Oct. 21 at 12 pm-2:30 pm -Thurs Oct 28, 4:30-6:30, movie from 1946, first aftermath of the war Murderers are Among Us -national socialist Germany, 1933-1945 -Jan 30, 1933 Hitler becomes Chancellor, cause of Hindenberg who was trying to consolidate anti-democratic power, both were using each other though infact rivals for power -the internatl press treats his appointment very lightly, as thought he was one of the numerous men revolving through the chancellorship, the 4th man since 1932, as Germany in eco. and poli chaos -but Hitler very diff from previous chancellors, who were allies of Hindenberg -but he moves very fast, esp. hated the Treaty of Versailles, wanted to create a greater German Reich, an aggressive, expansion state, that Germany should be granted a land empire space for it to expand, and that this would involve cleansing them of their PolishJewish inhabitants, that German Jews could never be full citizens, never racial comrades, none of these aspirations were secret -but power to implements these things is with the prez, which
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