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Lecture 7

Lecture 7: The Second World War and the Holocaust

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Jennifer Jenkins

Lecture 7: The Second World War and the Holocaust I. All Germans in a Greater Germany Against Versailles Remilitarizing the Rhineland Anschluss with Austria Sudeten German Munich Conference 1938: Peace in Our Time Kristallnacht: the Night of Broken Glass, Nov. 9, 1938 The Taking of Czechoslovakia, March 1, 1939 The Nazi-Soviet Pact, August 22, 1939 II. Blitzkrieg The Attack on Poland, September 1, 1939 The War in the West The Attack on France: Occupation and Collaboration (Vichy) The Battle of Britain III. Poland: Blessed Ground and Killing Field The Polish Partition; Wartheland and the General Government Plans for Colonization: the Reich Commissariat for the Strengthening of Germandom Atrocities, Ethnic Cleansing The Building of the Ghettos: Warsaw, Lodz, Lublin Moves Toward a Policy of Extermination of Racial Enemies The T4 Program IV. A War of Racial Conquest: Operation Barbarossa, June 1941 V. The War Against the Jews The Einsatzgruppen Babi Yar Jedwabne: Local Collaborators Heydrich Charged With Finding a Final Solution VI. The Wannsee Conference: January 1942 A Plan for the Extermination of European Jewry VII. A Wave of Mass Murder: 1942-1943 The Camps of Operation Reinhard: Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec VIII. Murder Squads and the Desk-Killers Police Battallion 101 Adolf Eichmann and the banality of evil Ordinary Men as Genocidal Killers -questions of: -was the extermination of Jews Hitlers goal from the start? -how did it go from oppression, to expulsion, to mass murder? -when did it really start? -from Kristalnacht in 1938 -from the invasion of Poland in 1939 -from the first murders in the concentration camps (?) in 1941 -was the Holocaust a war within a war? -at first WWII very much supported, by right-wing parties esp. -definitely a Euro story, with local collaboratorskillers -Hitler takes slow steps -1933, Germany withdraws from the League of Nations
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