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Jennifer Mori

thFeb 11 2014Why Britain Industrialized First1Geographyisland status ample coastline hilly terrainfast flowing streams2Politics and lawfree government and press Welldeveloped system of property law including defence of inventions Little government interference in the economy3Relatively open society Upwards and downwards mobility possible Monetary and social rewards for entrepreneurship complete with recognition from the state ie knighthoods4Healthy agricultural sector Malthusian poverty traps overcome by 1750Established international trade markets taking preindustrial manufactured goods textiles hardware1760 1830 the industrial revolution in Britain Divide in interpretations Pre 1990Post 1990 Why is Britain to special in the world an in EuropeIts the geographybulk transport is cheap through water Island insolates Britain from WarFrance is undergoing through eth same process but is not so lucky Politics and law free press and legal system Less class startifi4d and less reward Possible to get into eth house of Lords ppl have incentives to get rich Its easier to get rich in Britain than in the rest of Europe A product of innovation at home consumer revolution Industrial output exports and home consumption in EnglandWales 17001785DateOutput in mExportsHome ConsumptionPer Capita1700185206146m2771725226226174m3101750275290195m3141785424276307mSignificant Inventionsc1680Dutch loom introduced in Manchester area for ribbon making1683Mill powered machine for making ironware1698Thomas Saverys steam pump for draining mines1709Abraham Darbys coal fired blast furnace for iron smelting1712Thomas Newcomen invents steam piston ie engine for driving pumps1730Nottingham workmen produce first cotton stockings on a frame not knitting needles1733John Kays flying shuttle enables broader cloths to be woven on handlooms1742Benjamin Huntsman invents smelting procedure for steel production in sealed cruciblesSignificant inventions in eth 1680s Adoption of mechanization replace human labor The machines have to prove their usefulness in the market And when eth technical bugs have been clearedSo nothing is perfect on day one The increasing use of artificial power source and eth harnessing of fossil fuel and eth use of manufacturing purposes
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