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lecture 5

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Doris Bergen

193839Killing operation to gas disabled ppl kinda of meshed with AuschwitzHow much can German society takeWho will do this kind of killingCan they keep doing inA variety of methodsExpansion of the territory were this kind of shit took place Crossing the lines from ideology to implementationNov 9 and 10KristallnachtHershel GreenspanPolish Jewish Student o Assassinated a low level German diplomat at an embassy in Paris o Had to do with a series of events in Germany Poland o Fall of 1938Germans say any poles outside of Poland had to report to the polish embassy to have their passports confirmed or theyd lose their polish citizenship o Many ppl saw this as a chance to identify all those jew poles living in Germany o Germany wanted to kick the Jew out of GermanyRounded up Jews in Germany with polish papers And dumped them in polandUr fucking done in Germany o Pole authorities were like WTF We dont want these guys either o Amoung tthose dude that got dumped werer Hersh
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