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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Sept 19/11

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Brandon King

Lecture 2 thMonday September 19 2011WEEK 2 Sept 19 Understanding Intelligence Principles Required Reading Philip Davies Ideas of Intelligence Divergent National Concepts and Institutions in Christopher Andrew et al eds Secret Intelligence A Reader London Routledge 2009 pp 1218 Course text Malcolm Gladwell Connecting the Dots the Paradoxes of Intelligence Reform The New Yorker March 10 2003 pp 8388 Course Reader Michael Warner Wanted A Definition of Intelligence in Christopher Andrew et al eds Secret Intelligence A Reader London Routledge 2009 pp 311 Course text Why Study Intelligence o 911 proves an example of failures of intelligence 911 dramatically changing foreign policy of the United States regions of the middle east and intel sharing between FBICIA and other organizations o Continuing Terrorist plots has enhanced counterterrorism measures and intelligence operations as well o Madrid Attacks of 2004 London Indonesia other attacks keeps intelligence in the eye of the public o Connections between Intelligence and Pop Culture serves us to study how close is espionage portrayed in entertainment vs reality o Links between Intelligence and International Relations o Intelligence agencies are not forthcoming in delivering information in fear of otherwise damaging the value of that intelligence Defining Intelligence o No accepted clear definition on intelligence o Major national differences on the understanding of intelligence even internationally o British focus on raw data collection where the US focus on the analytical process fo intelligence o Intelligence is wraps and packages data for government o There is an organizational aspect to what intelligence is o Intelligence isnt solely secretive 8085 of data collected comes from public information o Aura of great secrecy today despite the global growth of data o Intelligence is meant to provide a competitive advantage for the government in combat with their adversaries intelligence is also meant to thwart attacks o Intelligence agencies are systems of government that report to government in secret on mostly opensource informationThey operate through an intelligence cycle3 Stages y Collection of information o Basically collecting raw data and information o Sending agent out to collect information o Signal information y Analysis
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