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November 30th 2010

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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

th November 30 The Western Hemisphere - Rockefeller warned his own administration that UN would undermine US privileges in Latin America - Article 51: all have own chance and right to create own special security system - parallel between League of Nations and UN - amendments The New Look - Organization of American States - implemented and the new international organization created tying Latin American states and the United States - defensesecurity organization also political organization - great achievement - Eisenhower: no investment in Latin America J they needed to have own negotiations with American institutions - Communism is spreading through Latin America J oKZ]ZLZ}[ZK]L]Z]}L - covertsecret operations - cost less to carry out such operations and maintain political system in the Western hemisphere - 1954: Guatemala J one of the smallest and poorest states of Latin America, had seen no change in the economic situation even though they had agreed to Rio Treaty and Organization of American States - attempt within to change society - social breakdown: there were overwhelming indigenous people, the landowning nobilities that owned majority of land and would not agree to a land reform and the masses to
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