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University of Toronto St. George
Jacob Weinrib

June 10 2014american dilemmaabsolutely unprecedented competition the last frontier of mankind the next dimension the spaceboth states committed themselves to explore spacesthe scientic competition the space racebegan in the mid 50s after stalin died and Khrushchev consolidated his statefor the rs time brought in a limited intl cooperation 19451955 no cooperation between scientic communities only competitionto have limited contact and cooperation with each other and to have international conferenceand see where which side stood on scientic researchdevelopmentsoviet and american scientists met for the rst time in coopenhagen 1955 international astronautical federation at the end of that conf in honour of this american scientists announced their interest to launch a satellite the soviet could not allow the american to gain all the headlines so at the end of the night soviet announced that they will also launch a space program by 1957 conf the start of the space raceeisenhower objectives rather different objective eisenhower wanted to make sure that the soviet could not get a head start and launch a pre emptive attack and that the us would be informed russia rejected the open sky proposal prioru2 free for the us to spy on soviet problems no matter how unable the russian were to tackle the us the plane still had to y over russian air space that plane could still been seen as violating russia intl implications but russia never raised the issue with the us the russia did not want the us to nd out that they did not have the ability to tackle us
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