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Jan 18

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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

th Jan 18 - issue of Vietnam - generally, America did play a positive role J did stand up to unrealistic expectations of Stalin - huge prestige J democracy and free world - I]LKLK]LK] [Z]}L - America fought 30 years to recuperate from that blow Z}},}L]L2I]LK[ The Background - Vietnam wanted independence - 8 years war J fight for liberation against France, with great help from China - Dien Bien Phu J French unable to hit the guerilla - the French offered their best troops there, hoping the guerilla would fight them. They believed they were at a superiority - the Vietnamese eliminated the French airforce - French surrendered - French had to agree and pull out and called the Geneva Conference to deal with the consequences of the French defeat - France, Britain, Soviet Union and China - Vietnam was petitioned into two parts - Vietnam only agreed, with freegeneral elections in 2 years and no foreign troops and not state intervention - North could hold onto Communist system - The Domino Theory: in relation to Vietnamese settlement, if America agreed to this settlement (allow North to be Communist), the Viet cong would vote for reunification and force the Northern people to agree. The South would not stand a chance. - South Vietnamese Liberation Front J resistance movement composed of different elements - America ignored ^@Z}l]LZZ}_ - Kennedy continued early American foreign policy - increase foreign advisors from few hundreds to 3,500 to 4,000 - huge investments into Vietnam, so that Vietnam would support the regime - these investments went into waste and stolen by South Vietnamese elite - did not serve its purpose - the genuine concern of South Vietnamese population - but Kennedy continued with the policies but in 1963, he did consider and limited K] [Z}o]L^}ZI]LK - :}ZLZ}L^@Z^} ]_ - build America into a better social system - improve racial relationships in America - increase standard of living - in public pools, Republicans were laughed at when they said a war was needed in Vietnam
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