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Jan 25

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

th January 25 2011 Other Regional Conflicts The Western Hemisphere - the Cuban missile crisis underscored the region for America - when America experts looked over Latin America, they found conditions suitable to similar Socialist takeoverschallengesrevolutions - Latin America could go the Cuban way J conditions were really bad and did not need Soviet intervention for it to happen - Latin America expected reward, very specifically the same type of reward Europe received, but did not happen - Zoo]L }9}2ZZ[9]oo]}L}ooZ]}>]LK] J Latin America would need to come up with another 20 billion for it to work - the minute standard of living improved, jobs for ordinary people offered, etc. J no need for them to see a social transformationSocial takeover - Kennedy also hoped that by offering all these aid, Latin America would stay in the American sphere of influence - none of these came through - Latin America is not Europe. Even though Europe was destroyed in WWII, they had the basis for it, but Latain America did not have this - no viable middle class to push for reforms or economic development and no elites. - about 18 billion of the 20 billion were never matched by Latin American, the dictatorships only wanted the handout J they pocketed the money, nothing reached the lower part of society so poverty remained - the same American companies who had profited in Latin America claimed in Washington also took out tremendous profits, so nothing was left to build up Latin America economy - the alliance did not achieve its objectives - prone to spread of Marxist and Communist J this was a seriously concern - Johnson still kept the program but was disinterested in it J disappointed in Latin America state, their inability to help themselves. He was also obsessed with Vietnam. - @ZZ,LL} ]L[: - Mann developed American policy regarding Latin America - from 1964 on, the US would not really care what sort of government is in power in Latin America J whether it is democratic or dictatorial J as long as it offered regional stability and dependability J protecting American interests and against the Communists - ]L} K] [Z]K2ZZ]L2Z}Z]}L]LZ - American kept hold of Panama Canal for next 20 years - March 1964, in Brazil, there was a military coup, overthrowing the democratic President, but America offered military and economic assistance and cooperation as long as that regime remained anti-Communist and cut off the Soviet - Brazil had wanted to establish an economic union with Soviet - 19631964, US pressured Britain to not to grant independence to Guyana. - The Dominican Crisis: close to Cuba - agreed to get rid of Trujillo
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