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Feb 08

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Dtente in Decline Part I The Rethinking of Dtente - Jackson-Vanik Amendment worked against the long-term interest of the United States - as Kissinger predicted, it had a tremendous backlash - Kissinger shut Russia out from Middle East, which humiliated Russia - Jan 1975, the Russians scrapped their deal with US for their domestic interest - 1973, 35,000 allowed to emigrate from Russia - cut down to 13,000 after the deal was shut down - both sides found problems with dtente The Carter Administration - 1976, Carter, a democrat, was elected - incoherent and misguided foreign policy - Carter placed too much emphasis on ideology and moral issues and ethical issues and pretty much gave up Kissingers politics - he did not have a straightstable foreign policy, he was also indecisive the Secretary of State and Security Advisor - he was caught up between these 2 individuals and never made his decisions in time - Jan 1977, Carter declared his commitment to human rights and support for dtente - but at times, contradictory this came through foreign policy - holding onto dtente this meant US and Russia could build on SALT, which had shortcomings - by supporting human rights, this went against the grain of Soviet Union - Carter increased funding for Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty bombarding Eastern Europe and Russia - he supported Russia emigration, etc. and offering protection for Sakharov hydrogen bomb maker who criticized Soviet Unions policy and was exiled - another critic of the Soviet Union system, Alexander Solzhenitsyn - first one who came out and criticize the Stalin system and introduced to the West - heavily penalized - called Stalin the moustache one - went to Gulag - America offered him housing, etc. and he was shocked - he supported Orlov, a self-appointed monitor of Soviet Unions human rights - he was sent to jail for a lengthy jail - Africa: eastern type of Africa Somalia and Ethiopia
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