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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Lecture 3092810Containment and ConfrontationLast 2 classes meltdown of the Grand Alliance Yalta to PotsdamYalta all three powers made an effort to remain in cooperation and defeat Germany balance between national interest and cooperationPotsdam the powers are unable to address the issues a huge gap exists in the understanding of the postWWII systemAmerican nuclear foreign policy was a failureJapanese suspicious of longterm American objectives1945 postwar system questions Germany and JapanA reversal of priorities instead of cooperation each state pursued national interests at the expense of othersRussia would no longer work with the AmericansBritish after 1945 Truman was fed up with the Russians and the Russians knew this American attitude is obviousWhat were Russian interests in the near east Because they were no longer cooperating with Britain they wanted to place bases in Turkey and IranTurkeyTo preserve national interests a clear axis through the straits Kars a province in northern Turkey that Russia wantedArdahan a province in northern Turkey to be retried to Russia Turkey was neutral during WWII and was thus a haven for Nazi spiesThe Montreux Convention a 1936 agreement that gave Turkey the control of the Straights Stalin argued that Turkey had been used by the Nazis as a road to the Straights in WWII and wanted to reopen the issue of control of the StraightsRussia does have a military interest in Turkey and the United States and Britain agree but neither would give up their national interests and concede Russian demands American sends the Missouri in 1946 to show the Turks that they would not let the Russians control the Straights Stalin did not want confrontation and pulled out all of their demandsIn 1941 all parties were interested in the oil wells of Iran 1941 is when the allies invaded IranTo prevent the development of Germany in Iran the alliance entered Iran to stop Germany from possessing it All parties agreed to pull out of Iran 6 months after the war The Russians did not want to pull out of Iran however the Americans and British forced them outIn 1945 Russia created to Peoples Republics in northern Iran Azerbaijan Peoples Government a shortlived Sovietbacked client state and the Republic of Mahabad Kurdistan Both of these republics fell after Russia was forced out of IranBoth Russia and the West wherever their national interests were they would fight tooth and nail unless war was at stake
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